Some of the Features and capabilities of The EXFA CTM

  • Automatically buy and sell cryptocurrencies with bank cards such as Visa or MasterCard and perfect Money as well.
  • The possibility of adding the feature to buy and sell in cash with currency of any country according to the buyer’s order.
  • Issuance paper wallet which is known as the safest wallet in the world.
  • Automatically on-line updates rates from global cryptocurrencies sources
  • Customizable sales commission rate
  • Depositing cryptocurrencies to customer’s wallet by scanning QR Code
  • Additional monitor for training or advertising purpose
  • Providing a royalty Token coin to the customers in the end of each transaction in order to enjoy discounts for the next services.
  • Professional remote admin panel
  • Possibility to increase or decrease the number of the cryptocurrencies in device
  • Made by high quality industrial components for long life service and Competitive price compared to the similar devices in the world.

The good news these days is the creation and unveiling of the first Indigenous digital Currency Teller Machine (CTM) ATM in the country. The CTM machine under the EXFA brand, which is the third generation of ATMs, has made it possible to decrypt different currencies. In addition, the immediate issuance of paper wallets is another advantage and application of the CTM blockchain machine, which is done in Rials. Perhaps in the near future, digital currencies will become a very important part of a country’s finances and economy. As CEO of Sobhan Danesh Bonyan Blockchain co, expressed at the unveiling of the CTM machine for digital currencies, one cannot stay away from the competition between startups and new technologies in the world. In the meantime, blockchain technology is a convenient and highly efficient way to raise capital.

What is a CTM machine and its use?

CTM device is the third generation of ATMs, which has an advantage over the second generation BTM teller machine. It is also possible to buy and sell all digital currencies and altcoins (secondary digital currencies). On the BTM machine, it was only possible to buy and sell bitcoins. But Sobhan Blockchain Technology Company (Iran Blockchain House) has now introduced a device that is one step ahead of CTM devices made in the world. It also has the ability to issue safe and fast paper wallets.

You can easily work with this device with a multilingual user interface and adjust the access level of the device. The commission rate and exchange rate in this device are updated instantly from global cryptographic sources.

Sidelines of the unveiling of the first CTM device in Iran

It is interesting to know that there are about 16,000 cryptocurrency ATMs in the world, of which 13,000 belong to the United States. The country that introduced the world’s first ATM in 1961. Aren’t there a lot of ATMs in all cities now for easy payment of customers? This was part of what Ali Zanjani said at the unveiling of the first CTM or digital currency ATM in Iran. It is interesting to know that zero to one hundred design and manufacture of this device, from software to hardware, is produced by technology specialists and blockchain manufacturers in the country. Coordinated by Iran Blockchain Knowledge base co, it has provided a new structure of digital currency ATMs that has made it possible to buy and sell different currencies, including Bitcoin, Etherium, Etherium Classic, Tetra, Cardano, etc.

This device has two ways for input. One is the Rial unit that can be done with bank cards. The second way is to use Perfect Money or Tetra. There are no restrictions for any of them. Even ordinary people can easily use the CTM machine because there is no possibility of fraud and misuse. This device is the first device to buy and sell cryptocurrency, which has been introduced in Inotex 2019. The result of years of effort, test and experience of Iranian specialists who are now fully ready to enter the world of business. Of course, its operation depends on the final decision of the authorities in the field of banking and other related organization.

The first generation of ATMs

We all know the first generation of ATMs. How to use it is possible for the whole public. There are more than 60,000 ATMs and 346 million ATM cards in the Iran. The first bank printed ATM in Iran was established in 1971 in Tehran. At the same time, different countries and cities were resisting this new device. But the second and third generations of ATMs were on the way.

The second generation ATM or BTM

The BTM or Bitcoin Teller Machine is a Bitcoin currency trading device that can be used in many countries right now. But this device has a weakness and that is the lack of support for other common digital currencies in the world.

Third Generation CTM Teller Machine

CTM or Cryptocurrency Teller Machine supports cryptocurrency trading. You can trade digital currency with these devices. This is a way to facilitate buying and selling in the Chinese blockchain world. So unveiling of the CTM device under the EXFA brand, our country has taken an important step in approaching the global technology of China blockchain. Along with this POS software based on Android operating system in Lightning platform, another new product of Sobhan Blockchain Technology Company. It seems that a lot of other good news is on the way.


Iranian CTM machine is made of high-quality industrial parts and can compete and compare with similar global models. It is possible to trade digital currency with these devices without any restrictions. Its features include buying and selling digital currencies (bitcoins and altcoins), immediate issuance of paper wallets, the possibility of buying and selling in Rials currency, Perfect Money or Tetra, support for all currencies and the possibility of using them for everyone. Right now, suitable contracts have been received from different countries to buy this device. Perhaps now more than ever, we cannot deny the new wave of digital currencies and their impact on trade and the global trading system.