Iran Blockchain Home

Iran Blockchain Home is a regional union with a global approach.The story started very suddenly and unexpectedly and continued very quickly.. A new hero had emerged with a mythical idea.A phenomenon that had a great claim The claim of justice for all without time and without place, without race and without great surname and long pedigree,He said that everyone can exchange with anyone without the need for intermediaries and this is how words were born, seemingly simple but with a wide esoteric meaning;we need to know that; The Fourth Industrial Revolution, the New Age, the Digital Age, and titles like these are not just words,they are a warning to those who can look to the present and see the future,the time of raw clay is over and the future should not be seen in a magic mirror.Clay and mirrors were symbols of the institutions necessary for life and shows that each period requires its own symbols and institutions,you can live with the past organizations,Just as a horse-drawn carriage cannot travel on a four-lane highway,which destroys itself and others.

Our story is the story of a quiet and forward life under one roof. Roof of Iran Blockchain Home

  • Training
  • General
  • Specialized
  • Organizational
  • Holding general and specialized conferences
Technology development
  • Blockchain based applications
  • Editing white paper
  • Holding ICO
  • Blockchain and Market
  • The code of present and future currencies
  • Invest in mining
  • Trade (currency) password
  • Product and market development based on blockchain
  • Blockchain based capital raising

The first principle : making human beings is more important than making tools. This concept of education is aimed at human development

The second principle : the developed human being for the developed life needs developed tools. This concept of development is with an attitude towards humanity.


The third principle: the developed human being, together with the developed tools, needs to be developed together.This is the concept of family-centered sustainable development


Android software for POS devices on the Lightning’s platform in order to pay for store- purchases with Bitcoin.


TOKEN With the advent of the C blockchain, a new method of money transfer was introduced, which based on the characteristics of the blockchain platform, established a new economy.


The good news these days is the creation and unveiling of the first Indigenous digital Currency Teller Machine (CTM) ATM in the country.

“A developed family is possible only in a developed house, this is the concept of a blockchain house in Iran.”