With the advent of the C blockchain, a new method of money transfer was introduced, which based on the characteristics of the blockchain platform, established a new economy. With the development of blockchain platforms, in addition to money transfer, new needs arose with a deeper look at China blockchain technology and a new definition for its applications, another part was introduced by the developers based on the needs of users. One of these is the concept of TOKEN. ICO was borrowed from the concept of IPO. In this way, projects and projects around the world, regardless of their location, can obtain the initial capital to launch their projects. Tokens gain their credibility based on technology and consensus, and anyone can raise the necessary funds to launch and develop their design by presenting their design in the form of a white paper and, if users prefer, by offering tokens in the form of currency codes. This method is a new and efficient way to raise capital from all over the world, which is classified as Crowed Funding methods.