Mohsen Sobhani

Academic background :

Bachelor of Computer Science // Master of Cryptocurrency

work experience :

1 – Founder and editor of the specialized magazine “Ramzarzha”

2 – Director of Computer Science Education at Azad University

3 – Founder of Private Training Center in collaboration with Iran Institute and Cisco, Microsoft and Computer Science courses

4 – One of the main shareholders of the International Academy of Optics India in Iran

5 – Launching OTC company with EXFA brand for buying and selling digital currencies (bitcoins and altcoins) from 2015

6 – Design and implementation of the project to buy and transfer cryptocurrencies by sending SMS without the need for Internet connection and smart phones

7 – Founder and CEO of Sobhan Blockchain Knowledge base Technology Company

8 – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asia Block Chain Company

9 – Founder and CEO of Iran Blockchain House

10 – Shareholder and CEO of MASTER BLOCKCHAIN ​​International Company UK

11 – Chairman of the Board of MASTER ICO UK

12 – Founder and main shareholder of HOME BLOCKCHAIN ​​ASIA


1 – Writer and entrepreneur in the field of cryptocurrencies and open blockchain technologies

2 – Translating and writing more than ten volumes of books on the importance and consequences of blockchain technology in the social, political, philosophical and economic fields

3 – Participating in several domestic and foreign conferences and exhibitions and giving specialized lectures

4 – Design, manufacture and localization of the first cryptocurrency ATM (CTM) with unique features compared to similar machines in the world with the brand EXFA for the first time in Iran

5 – Design and manufacture of Android software for POS devices for store purchases on the basis of Lightining Payment with cryptocurrencies even in small amounts and instant payment, for the first time in the world