Ali Zanjani

Academic background:

IT Management from GRS London // Banking Management from GRS London

work experience:

1 – Member of cryptocurrency and Blockchain Commission of the Trade Union Organization of the country

2 – Chairman of the Foreign Exchange and Blockchain Commission of Alborz Province Computer Guild Organization

3 – Chairman of the Board and Senior Strategy Manager of Sobhan Blockchain Knowledge Foundation

4 – Chairman of the Board and Senior Strategy Manager of Iran Blockchain House

5 – Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of MASTER BLOCKCHAIN International Company UK

6 – Managing Director of MASTER ICO International Company, UK

7 – CEO of Asia Block Chain Company

8 – Member of the Policy Council of Ramzarzha Magazine (the first specialized publication of digital currency and blockchain)

9 – Economic Secretary of Currency Code Magazine

10 – Digital economy consultant of the population of supporters of law and order in the country

11 – Chairman of the Education and Media Working Group of the Nasr cryptocurrency and Blockchain Commission of the country

12 – Digital Economy Consultant in the Center for Economic Development of the Veterans of the Islamic Revolution

13 – Digital Economy Advisor to the CEO of the Organization of Specialists and Managers of Iran

14 – Director of Education Planning and Policy Officer of OPTEC India International Academy in Iran

15 – Secretary of the Committee of Supporters of the Society of Iranian Elites and Entrepreneurs Abroad

16 – Advisor for cryptocurrency of the Global Foundation for Young Entrepreneurs in China

17 – Executive Advisor to YOOZCHAIN in Hong Kong

18 – Blockchain consultant of Pishtaz Knowledge Park Company

19 – Membership in the policy council of managers is the key to success

20 – Digital economy consultant of KUZU company from Turkey in Iran

21 – Digital Economy Consultant of Mobina Investment Group (Special Economic Zone of Imam Khomeini Airport)

22 – Ramzarz Consultant and Blockchain Holding Salem


1 – Design, construction and localization of the first ATM ciphers (CTM) with unique features compared to similar machines in the world under the EXFA brand for the first time in Iran

2 – Design and construction of Android software for POS devices for store purchases on the basis of Lightining Payment with cryptocurrencies even in small amounts and instant payment, for the first time in the world

3 – Participating in several domestic and foreign conferences and exhibitions and giving specialized lectures