Ali Pak bakhteghan Zanjani; Chairman of the China Currency and Block Code Commission

Ali Pak bakhteghan Zanjani; Chairman of the China Currency and Block Code Commission

Ali Pak Bakhtegan Zanjani was appointed as the head of the Foreign Exchange and Block Code Commission of the Alborz Province Computer Guild Organization.

By order of (Farzad Foroughi, Head of Nasr Alborz Organization), Mr. Ali Pak Bakhtegan Zanjani was appointed as the Chairman of the Foreign Exchange and Blockchain Commission of the Alborz Computer Guild Organization.

Blockchain technology is often equated with cryptocurrencies, but this is wrong, because one of the areas that is addressed using blockchain technology is the cryptocurrency debate. While you can look at the cryptocurrencies from different perspectives. The essence of the landscape is the macro-governance debate.

Blockchain is a technology that has many applications and one of its applications is currency coding. It is estimated that the blockchain itself could be the beginning of a series of technological developments that could lead to political, economic, and social developments, and could in the not-too-distant future resemble the role of IT or the explosion of information. So, it cannot be limited to bitcoin and mining.

But according to some experts in the field, banks and venture capitalists around the world have come to the conclusion that the Fourth Industrial Revolution can be implemented by blockchain and can follow the exchange of values ​​and economic democracy. So, they are boldly spending money to find the next generation of technology companies and transform their economies.

The most important feature of this decentralization technology is that by storing data across the blockchain network, it eliminates the dangers posed by centrally storing data.

But blockchain technology has advantages in the banking industry, the most important of which are reducing organizational costs, increasing security, preventing money laundering, and optimizing international financial transactions.

As The current situation in the country is very sensitive, we need foreign exchange earnings at this time; In this situation, the mining and digital currency mining industry can help facilitate international trade while converting currency. Merchants can use the generated cryptocurrencies to import goods and bypass the problems of bank sanctions to pay the costs.

The nature of the cryptocurrency field is based on blockchain technology, which makes this phenomenon unmanageable, and in case of any pressure or confrontation, instead of an educational approach and informing people about the risks in this field, it will only encourage underground and illegal activities.

People’s interest in an economic phenomenon that has the conditions to increase or decrease prices is a natural phenomenon and if you do not provide a safe, fearless and calm environment for the people in this area, along with educating the risks and dangers in this area, only It will lead to the interest of the people to use foreign platforms in this field, which severely endangers the security of national capitals according to past experiences.

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