About Iran Blockchain Home

SOBHAN Blockchain Technology (Iran Blockchain Home) is a Knowledge- Based Company which active in the field of software, hardware, digital marketing, programming and projects  implementation based on Blockchain Technology consist of skilled and expert teams.  

The time we were studying cryptocurrencyies ATMs in the worldwide market , we found out the existent manufactured devices “BTMs”  just can buy and sell Bitcoin, so this  idea came to us to design a device  which not only Bitcoin but also supports to buy and sell all cryprocurrencies as well.

We have done it well and we succeed to implement this idea to design and manufactured the third generation of ATMs. Cryptocurrency Teller Machine “CTM” under the “EXFA” brand name.

It is good to mention, later on some types of devices entered to market that in addition to Bitcoin just can buy and sell a few limited numbers of Altcoins too. (Mostly just be  able to do only one way transaction of buying or selling)

So, our achievement is automated “CTM” which is able Automatically  buy & sell all crytocurrencies ( Bitcoin & Altcoins)  with bank cards  and currency of any country where the device is  installed there,  for instance with visa and MasterCards .

The device also supports perfect money and cash for buying and selling purpose.

The most unique future of CTM EXFA is issuance paper wallet which is known as a safe wallet in the world.

 By considering that this company succeed to launch independently perform micro-transactions on POS devices on the Lightning platform, so this device also has the ability to sync and perform micro transactions on the Lightning platform.

The other unique feature of this device is also providing a royalty Token coin to the customers in the end of each transaction to enjoy discounts for the next services.

The other Features & Capabilities of CTM EXFA:

  • Automatically on-line updates the rates from global cryptocurrencies sources
  • Customizable sales commission rate
  • Depositing cryptocurrencies to customer’s wallet by scanning QR Code
  • Issuance of Perfect Money vouchers
  • Additional monitor for training or advertising purpose
  • Professional remote admin panel
  • Customizable users’ access level
  • Multilingual and user-friendly interface
  • Possibility to increase or decrease the number of the cryptocurrencies in the device
  • Made by high quality industrial components for long life service and Competitive price compared to the similar devices in the world.

Also, its software, hardware and technical knowledge belongs to this company from A to Z.

The other success of our company is Designing and implementation of a project  which is able to buy and transfer Cryptocurrencies by sending  an SMS with no need internet connection or smartphones.

The new product of this company which takes pleasure to introduce is Android software for POS devices on the Lightning’s platform in order to pay for store- purchases with Bitcoin.

Unlike the other operating systems in the world, this software is able process Bitcoin transactions to the destination wallet instantly.

One of the amazing features of this product is that the purchase in the minimum amount for example even in one dollar, is payable with bitcoin.

We are also Founder and publisher of the first specialist publication on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in the Middle East.